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سوني ٤٠و٦٥٠د ٤٠ إنش سمرة تيفي أسود

Sony 40W650D 40 inch Smart TV Black
  • 40W650D Image
  • 40W650D
  • 40W650D

سوني ٤٠و٦٥٠د ٤٠ إنش سمرة تيفي أسود

درهم : 1915

درهم. 1140


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عادة ما يتم تسليمها 1 Day   ( 01-Apr-2020 )

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ضمان : 12 الشهور

الوصف :

You'll see all your favorite TV programs and movies in a whole new light. Step up your picture quality to near-FHD. Ultra clean view analyses your content with an advanced algorithm to filter and reduce noise. Even if the video source is less than full HD quality, you'll still be able to enjoy images that rival the FHD standard

الوصف :

Discover a new level of TV reality Samsung FHD TV delivers breathtakingly real and immersive viewing experiences like you've never seen before

اللون Black
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080
حجم الشاشة 40 inch
Screen Type LED
وزن 8.4 Kg
Product Length 976 mm
Product Height 583 mm
Product Width 81 mm
Aspect Ratio 16:9

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