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قاتل حشرات سوناشي SIK-730 بقوة 30 وات

Sonashi SIK-730 30W Insect Killer

قاتل حشرات سوناشي SIK-730 بقوة 30 وات

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Maintain your home free from insects with the SIK-730 Sonashi Insect Killer. It comes with the special treated tubes with 365MM length. It is simple to install and use for safe operation. The cleaning is easy with the removable collection tray. It features a high voltage inner grid for instant killing.

Type Insect Killer
Attachements Removeable Collection Tray
Bulbs Type Special Treated (UV-A) Tubes with 365 mm Length
Power Watts 30W
Voltage AC 220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Low
Function Type High Voltage Inner Grid for Instant Killing
Features No Poisnous Vapour, Emitting Odour & Chain For Easy Hanging

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