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مروحة مكتب سوناشي SF-8008-D ذات 7 بوصة - أزرق

Sonashi SF-8008-D 7-inch Desk Fan - Blue

مروحة مكتب سوناشي SF-8008-D ذات 7 بوصة - أزرق

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Looking for a desk fan? Here is the Sonashi Desk Fan to give freshness and relaxation. It provides cool and fresh wind all around the room. With the stylish and portable design, you can carry or store anywhere at your home. It comes with adjustable tilt angle head for better convenient.

اللون Blue
Size 7-inch
Type Desk Fan
No of Speeds 2
Mesh Grill Yes
Adjustable Tilt Angle Head for Vertical Setting
Power Watts 23W
Voltage AC 220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz

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