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Sharpners مبتسما Kiddos SK12003002 - الوردي

Smily Kiddos SK12003002 Sharpners - Pink

Sharpners مبتسما Kiddos SK12003002 - الوردي

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Sharpen your handwriting with the Smily Kiddos Sharpener. The sturdy blade gives sharp cut in one round. With cute, attractive design, children will love to use and keep it as a treasure. The compact design makes it easy for little hands to hands. Made of high quality material, it is strong and durable.

اللون Pink
Type Sharpener
Product Material Polypropylene
Recommended Age 5 - 12 Years
Features Attractive Shape, Design, And Friction Free Operation & Maintain Sharp Tipped Pencils
Dimensions 5.5 X 8 X 9 Cm
Product Weight 0.12 Kg

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