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ريو FADC الوجه العميق منظف الجلد

Rio FADC Facial Deep Skin Cleanser

ريو FADC الوجه العميق منظف الجلد

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Gently melt away make-up, excess oil and daily skin pollutants with the Rio Facial Deep Skin Cleanser. Use this new radiance-boosting device for just one minute each day to intensively clean pores, promote micro-circulation, relax facial muscles and polish away dead skin cells.

اللون Pink
Type Skin Cleanser
No of Setting 5 Intensity Levels
Skin Type Gentle on Delicate Skin
Water Resistant Yes
Function Gentle Facial cleansing, Targeted Eye Treatment, Rejuvenating Massage, Energising & Soothing Vibration Technology
Features Up to 300 uses per charge

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