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بروميت ProShield.S5-C قسط حامي الشاشة واضحة، واضحة

Promate ProShield.S5-C Premium Clear Screen Protector, Clear

بروميت ProShield.S5-C قسط حامي الشاشة واضحة، واضحة

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The Promate ProShield Premium Clear Screen Protector guards your smartphone against dust, fingerprints, smudges and scratches. The new and improved adhesive coating ensures absolute clarity, pristine colors.Made from thin sheet of PET material that doesn't add bulk.

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Screen Guard Type Screen Guard
Type Screen Protector
Thickness 0.22 Mm
Compatible With Samsung Galaxy S5
Features Made From Thin Sheet Of PET Material, Multiple Protection & Edge-to-Edge Protection

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