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بروميت PROLINK-H2V HDMI إلى VGA محول كيت - وايت

Promate ProLink-H2V HDMI to VGA Adaptor Kit - White

بروميت PROLINK-H2V HDMI إلى VGA محول كيت - وايت

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The PROLINK-H2V gold-plated HDMI to VGA converter is an essential companion for your smart video output device with VGA port. The cable allows you to view pictures, videos and presentation from the Computer or Mini Computer onto an HDTV.

اللون White
Type Adaptor
Input Interface HDMI X 1, VGA X 1
Video Bandwidth 1.65Gbps
Video Output Up To 1920 X 1080/60Hz
Power 300mA
Voltage 3.3V
Operating Temperature 15° C To +55° C

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