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بروميت AuraTag-I6P تشى اللاسلكية شحن المتلقي، أسود

Promate AuraTag-I6P Qi Wireless Charging Receiver, Black

بروميت AuraTag-I6P تشى اللاسلكية شحن المتلقي، أسود

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Auratag-i6p Charging Your Smartphone Can Become a Truly Wireless. Connect Auratag-I6p Your iPhone 6 Plus by Lightning Connector, The Receiver Itself Is Located on The Back Cover Of The Smartphone, You Can Wear Over Your Favorite Bag Or Pad And All! Never Before Had the Phone Charger Was Not So Simple.

اللون Black
Charger Type Wireless Chargers
Input Voltage DC 5V/1.0A (MAX
Output Voltage DC 5V/600MA (MAX)
Over Charge Protection Yes
Compatible With Apple IPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus
Features Charging Without Wires & Plugs

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