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بروميت AuraTag-I6 تشى اللاسلكية شحن المتلقي، أسود

Promate AuraTag-I6 Qi Wireless Charging Receiver, Black

بروميت AuraTag-I6 تشى اللاسلكية شحن المتلقي، أسود

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With Promate auratag-i6, simply make wireless charging of your iPhone 6 possible. Plug the lightning cable connected with auratag-i6 into your iPhone 6 and place it on any qi compliant wireless chargers and see it happen. Built-In Smart IC Chip to Control the Charging Mechanism.

اللون Black
Charger Type Wireless Chargers
Over Charge Protection Yes
Compatible With Apple IPhone 6 / 6S
Features Charging Without Wires & Plugs
Dimensions 1 X 35 X 85 Mm

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