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نظام مكبر صوت مضغوط نشط من باناسونيك RP-SPF01 - فضي

Panasonic RP-SPF01 Active Compact Speaker System - Silver
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نظام مكبر صوت مضغوط نشط من باناسونيك RP-SPF01 - فضي

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A compact active speaker entirely made of aluminum and using an industry-first ultra-thick forging process (impact press process). Small, but the maximum thickness of the aluminum housing is 6 mm. High-quality medium to high sound is reproducible while suppressing resonance. Extra ornamentation is completely omitted. The seamless housing is made by directly carving sound holes. This achieves a highly durable body with less external degradation and a simple design, giving a sense of integrity.
اللون Silver
Features Ull Range 30 Mm (1-3 / 16 In.) Speakers Incorporate A Titanium Vibration Plate For High Sound Quality
Features Aluminum Cabinets For Enhanced Sealing And Resonance Reduction Provide Greater Vocal Sound And Easy Listening
Features Active Speaker System With 5 W X 5 W Output Power
Speaker Unit 30 Mm (1-3/16 Inch) Full Range X 2/ch
Speaker Impedance 8 Ohm
Output Power 5 W + 5 W
Power Requirement DC 9 V
Input Cord Length Approx. 0.9 M
Speaker Cord Length Approx. 1.5 M

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