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كارشر 1،439-412،0 SV 7 AE فراغ البخار نظافة، الأصفر

Karcher 1.439-412.0 SV 7 AE Steam Vacuum Cleaner, Yellow

كارشر 1،439-412،0 SV 7 AE فراغ البخار نظافة، الأصفر

درهم : 1979

درهم. 1959


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The Karcher SV 7 steam vacuum cleaner combines the advantages of steam cleaners with the power of dry vacuum cleaners. For example, it picks up crumbs, wipes wet and subsequently dries floors, all in one easy procedure.

اللون Yellow
وزن 9.4 kg
Type Vacuum Cleaner
Heating Output(W) 1100
Max. Steam Pressure(bar) 4
Cable Length(m) 6
Heat-up Time(min) 5
Boiler/Tank Capacity(l) 0.45
Suction Capacity(l) 0.6
Water Filter(l) 1.2
Max. Power(W) 2200
Steam Flow Rate(g/h) 65
Refill Tank(l) 0.5
Permanent Filling 1
Dimensions 515L x 336W x 340H mm

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