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كارشر 1،349-102،0 VC 5 GB مكنسة كهربائية، الأصفر

Karcher 1.349-102.0 VC 5 GB Vacuum Cleaner, Yellow

كارشر 1،349-102،0 VC 5 GB مكنسة كهربائية، الأصفر

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The exceptional VC 5 by Karcher proves that a vacuum cleaner does not have to be large to be powerful. Despite its small size, the compact vacuum cleaner dazzles with its unique cleaning performance that effortlessly puts it on a par with large canister devices.

اللون Yellow
وزن 3.2 Kg
Type Vacuum Cleaner
Volatge 220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Operating Radius (m) 8.5
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A)) 77
Dimensions 182L x 261W x 621H mm

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