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كارشر 1،056-822،0 FP303 الطابق الملمع، الأصفر

Karcher 1.056-822.0 FP303 Floor Polisher, Yellow

كارشر 1،056-822،0 FP303 الطابق الملمع، الأصفر

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درهم. 909


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What used to be a complicated procedure, involving many manual stages, has now been made very straightforward thanks to modern equipment. Once the device has been unlocked using the pedal button, it can be conveniently switched on and off by pivoting the handle.

اللون Yellow
وزن 6.6 Kg
Type Floor Polisher
Volatge 220-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power(W) 600
Working Width(mm) 290
Filter Bag Capacity(l) 4
Rotational Speed(rpm) 1000
Dimensions 385L x 339W x 1162H mm

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منتجات مماثلة