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حسنس ٥٠ن٣٠٠٠يوو ٥٠ إنش سمرة تيفي أسود

Hisense 50N3000UW 50 inch Smart TV Black
  • 50N3000UW Image
  • 50N3000UW
  • 50N3000UW
  • 50N3000UW

حسنس ٥٠ن٣٠٠٠يوو ٥٠ إنش سمرة تيفي أسود

درهم : 1899

درهم. 1505


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من السهل العودة واستبدالها

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يسلم الى Umm al-Quwain يتغيرون

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Available Colours

ضمان : 12 الشهور

الوصف :

4K Upscaling upgrades FHD signal to near 4k quality to deliver powerful details, allowing viewers to enjoy 4K picture quality even at FHD signal. Instead of simply increasing every pixel by 4 times, Hisense 4K Upscaling computes the colour of adjacent pixels and automatically decides where to compensate those pixels

الوصف :

A new breed of Smart TVs is here, and there is no equal. Easy-to-navigate user-interface opens the door to how a Smart TV should behave. No fuss with heaps of SMARTS.

اللون Black
Display Resolution 3840 x 2160
حجم الشاشة 50 Inch
Screen Type LED
وزن 11.3 kg
Product Length 1108 mm
Product Height 707 mm
Product Width 81.5 mm

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