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جيبس جسو ٦١٠٤٩ شور هيد

Geepas GSW61049 Shower Head
  • GSW61049

جيبس جسو ٦١٠٤٩ شور هيد

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الوصف :

The Geepas GSW61049 Shower Head is tough and durable. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistant, thick base and difficult deformation. It is a great choice to choose to install in your bathroom. Easy Cleaning. This is Chrome plated- Cu:10-15 micron Cr0.13-0.15 micron Ni: 4-6 micron. It has been cycle tested more than 300 times, minimizes wasteful overspray.

الوصف :

The Geepas GSW61049 is a bathroom fitting accessory which useful for cleaning and hair-rinsing performance.

اللون Silver
مواد ABS Plastic
Finish Chrome
Faucet Type Bathroom
Suitable Water Pressure 0.1MPa-0.8MPa
Chrome Plated Cu:10-15 Micron Cr0.13-0.15 Micron Ni: 4-6 Micron
Suitable Temperature <70°C

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