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جيبس ج ا س ال- ٥٥٠١١ توفير الطاقة الا د مصباح أبيض

Geepas GESL55011 Energy Saving Led Bulb White
  • GESL55011

جيبس ج ا س ال- ٥٥٠١١ توفير الطاقة الا د مصباح أبيض

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الوصف :

Never install where water may drop on the lamp Never touch the bulb during and just after lighting Never install where ambient temperature may rise Never use on a source voltage that fluctuates 6?ove

الوصف :

LED glass bulbs fit into the same sockets and need no further reconfiguring-while giving you regular brightness at a fraction of the wattage consumed. Additionally the design of the shell cover is such that it provides Omni-directional lighting effect for your interior space.

اللون White
Type Led Bulb
Power 20 W
Volatge 150-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Lamp Type LED
Lumens 1800 lm
Amps 180 mA

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منتجات مماثلة