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فيستا الحرف ت - ٢٧٧٧ صكيكبو يتحمل البرتقالي & زهري

Fiesta Crafts T-2777 Squeakaboo Bear Orange & Pink
  • Fiesta Crafts T2777 Squeakaboo Bear Orange  Pink Image

فيستا الحرف ت - ٢٧٧٧ صكيكبو يتحمل البرتقالي & زهري

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الوصف :

The Squeekaboos! range helps baby to begin learning all about sounds and touch in a tactile way, and through role play with mum and dad, helps encourage interactivity while ensuring lots of smiles, fun and giggles.Crafted from vibrant and soft plush fabrics, each Squeakaboo has a cute shaped face with a kind, gentle smile. The perfect size for small hands, babies will instantly warm to the Squeakaboos, and will love to touch, hold and shake them. 
Squeakaboos measure approx 18cm high, and can be machine washed at 30 degrees

الوصف :

The hugely popular Squeakaboos! soft toy rattles make the perfect toy for babies from birth to a year old. They jingle, crinkle and squeak when squeezed, making them a great interactive first toy for little ones

الأبعاد 8.5 X 18 Cm
اللون Orange, Pink And Beige
Suitable For Unisex
Months Up To 24

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