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ECOIFFIER 4600 الجدول 10 قطعة الرمال لعبة المياه

ECOIFFIER 4600 10 Pieces sand water game table

ECOIFFIER 4600 الجدول 10 قطعة الرمال لعبة المياه

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Every kid likes to play with sand! The Ecoiffier Sand and Water Table is perfect to make their wish true. Designed with comfort in mind, it meets all the requirements of usability and safety. This set includes 10 accessories that are sieve, sand mill, 3 sand moulds, spade, rake, bucket, watering can and bombarde.

اللون Multi Color
Type Water Game Table
Recommended Age 18 Years & above
No of Pieces 10
Coutry of Origin France
Attachments Includes sieve, sand mill, shovel, rake, sand bucket, watering can and 3 sand molds
Dimension 50 x 37 x 66 cm

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