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ECOIFFIER 1745 19 قطعة صغيرة للمطبخ

ECOIFFIER 1745 19 Pieces Small Kitchen

ECOIFFIER 1745 19 قطعة صغيرة للمطبخ

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Let your little one get realistic cooking experience with the Ecoiffier Stove. This set comes with 19 accessories such as stove, spoons, mugs, plates, oven, milk pot and so on. Made from quality material, this colourful kitchenware is sturdy and safe for little hands.

اللون Multi Color
Recommended Age 18 Years & above
Suitable for Girls & Boys
No of Pieces 19
Coutry of Origin France
Attachments Including oven, hob and sink with faucet, salt and pepper shakers, cookware and game food
Dimension 55.5 x 29 x 79 cm

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