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Clikon Ck7788 2 في 1 تحت سطح الماء ضوء فلاش

Clikon CK7788 2 In 1 Under Water Flash Light

Clikon Ck7788 2 في 1 تحت سطح الماء ضوء فلاش

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ضمان : 12 الشهور

الوصف :

The Clikon UW flashlight is just what you need to keep darkness at bay. With a powerful battery, it offers improved performance. I has a lightweight aluminum body and features an unbreakable front glass.

اللون Black
مواد Aluminium
Type Flashlight
Light Source Cool White XP-E2 LED
Battery Type Rechargeable 3.7 V 1800mAh 2SC Li-ion 18650 Battery
Luminous Flux 150 Lumens
Battery Charge Indicator Yes
Charging Time 4 Hours
Water Resistance O' Ring for Water Resistance
Attachment 2 Pin Charging Adapter
Features Anti Roll Head ,Glow Ring & Supersoft Silicon Button
Pack of 2

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