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ضوء Clikon Ck7777 قابلة للشحن LED فلاش مع مصباح

Clikon CK7777 Rechargeable LED Flash Light With Lamp

ضوء Clikon Ck7777 قابلة للشحن LED فلاش مع مصباح

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The Clikon lamp with torch features High Powered XP-G LED and two rechargeable batteries. With dim and strobe mode, you can choose between high or low beam for continuous operation. It also features a removable lamp shade.

مواد Aluminium
Type Flashlight
Light Source High Powered XP-G LED
Battery Type 2 x Rechargeable 3.7 V 1400mAh 2SC Li-ion 18650 Battery
Battery Charge Indicator Yes
Charging Time 6 Hours
Water Resistance O' Ring for Water Resistance
Usage Time 3.5 Hours on High Beam & 50 Hours on Low Beam
Attachment 2 Pin Charging Adapter
Features Removable Lamp Shade & Super Soft Silicon Button

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