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كلكون ك ٢٤١٨ شبتي صانع

Clikon CK2418  ARABIC ROTI  MAKER- 1800W
  • Clikon Ck2418 Chapatti Maker

كلكون ك ٢٤١٨ شبتي صانع

درهم : 299

درهم. 229


  • نقدا عند التسليم المتاحة

من السهل العودة واستبدالها

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يسلم الى Umm al-Quwain يتغيرون

عادة ما يتم تسليمها 1 Day   ( 13-Aug-2020 )

Available Colours

ضمان : 24 الشهور

الوصف :

The outer surface is made from stainless steel and high quality material.  It allows you to make thin and perfectly circular chapattis with minimum effort. It has a non-stick surface that prevents the dough from sticking to it.

  • Multi -cooking function 
  • Non Stick Coating For Easy Cleaning
  • Hot free Handle
  • Adjustable Temperature Control Knob
  • Halogen Tube Design
  • Multi -cooking function Pizza Arabic Roti Pan Cake

الوصف :

Non-Stick roti maker makes rolling chapattis easier than ever before and saves your precious time

Power 1800 W
وزن 3.3 Kg
اللون White & Black
Non Stick Coating Yes
Technical Details
Input Voltage 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

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