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كلكون ك ٢٢٥٨ ستروس جيسر البرتقالي 

Clikon CK2258 Citrus Juicer Orange
  • Clikon CK2258 Citrus Juicer Orange Image
  • Clikon CK2258 Citrus Juicer Orange

كلكون ك ٢٢٥٨ ستروس جيسر البرتقالي 

درهم : 199

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Available Colours

ضمان : 24 الشهور

الوصف :

  • Transparent lid and cup
  • Parts can be disassemble  for easy cleaning
  • Juices a wide range of citrus fruits
  • Squeezes 6 oranges in 60 seconds
  • Slice and squeezes with the closed cover
  • Slice and squeezes in only one operation 

الوصف :

Clikon Citrus Juicer is perfect for whipping up fresh, delicious fruit and vegetable juices. Carrots, oranges, apples, kale, beets—you name it—these versatile juice extractors will show you how easy it is to add nutrients and color to your diet.

اللون Orange
وزن 2 Kg
Input Voltage Range 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
High Power 90 W

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