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بيبي كونفورت 34000133 فرس النهر كليب

Bebe Confort 34000133 Hippo Clip

بيبي كونفورت 34000133 فرس النهر كليب

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Available Colours

ضمان : 12 الشهور

الوصف :

The Bebe Confort Hippo Clip has been designed to stimulate all your baby's senses. It has amusing toys with different texture materials and varied bright colours to entertain your baby and keep them happy. It can be attached very easily to strollers, car interior, etc.

اللون Multi Color
Targetted Group Unisex
وزن 118 g
مواد Polyester
Type Toys
Recommended Age 0-36 months
Dimension 17 x 8 x 34 cm

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