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معجزة بليد 13 قطعة مجموعة سكين

13 PCS World Class Quality Complete Knife Set
  • 13 PCS World Class Quality Complete Knife Set Image
  • Miracle Blade 13-Piece Knife Set 2
  • Miracle Blade 13Piece 3 Knife Set Image

معجزة بليد 13 قطعة مجموعة سكين

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Cut, trim, slice all the veggies and fruits with the Miracie Blade kitchen knife set. Perfect for everyday kitchen use . Chop , trim , and slice all the veggies, fruits and meat like a star rated chef from you home with different types of knife at you disposal. Forged stainless steel with industry standard this knife will stay in its shape for a long time and never go dull. With the great handle and grip you can chop veggies with style with the access of 13 different knife at your home.
اللون Black & Stainless Steel
مواد Stainless Steel
Slicers 2
Carving Knife 1
Flock And Chef 1
Filet 1
Cheese Knife 1
Steak Knife 4
Paring Knife 1
Pair Of Kitchen Shears 1

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