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UBS08 اسفنجي قوس قزح كعكة الإجهاد لعبة الأزرق

 Squishy Rainbow cake stress reliver toy UBS08 Blue
  • UBS08

UBS08 اسفنجي قوس قزح كعكة الإجهاد لعبة الأزرق

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Comfortable plushy touch.And it takes a while to return to its original shape. Give this toy a big squeeze, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how slow rising cute squishy is.It is so funny and interesting. Squishy toy help you relieve stress, relax yourself, make you happy, fun-also effective for focus and deep thought. Goo

اللون Blue
Targetted Group Unisex
Age 3 Years & Above
Toy Category Stress Relife

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